What is Pediatric Surgery?



Charles Dickens wrote a century ago:


„It is not enough, that a wise physician who has success in treating adults just makes minor changes in his plans and prescribes medicine to a child, just at a lower dosage. Some diseases occur only in children and the others that occur in adults as well are presented in such a different way, like the difference between an adult and a child

“Children are not a smaller version of an adult."

Much more important than this quotation, is the fact that children represent our future and for this reason we have to offer them optimal treatment. Diseases, which begin during childhood, have to be recognized and treated early, in order to avoid any disadvantages in adulthood. Pediatric Surgery cannot be defined as surgery on a child, but implies knowledge on the development and growth of the child in order to take into account special therapeutic principles.

In addition optimal treatment of a child must include the parents, or even the whole family. Day Surgery is a way to achieve this goal as examinations, operations and follow-up can be performed in a gentle and child adapted manner in order for you to take your child home. Specialized pediatric Anesthetists offer the highest degree of safety during and after the operation.

Devoted to his motto “ for our children, even the best is not good enough” Prof. Zachariou,  offers specialized treatment for your child.